I Am Ever Yours – Love Letter

My darling Aaron,

My Radiant Beau of Northern Sunshine

There is a bluebird singing in my heart today – because this morning, after seven lonely days again, I have a wonderful full-size view of my adorable Aaron. Did it make me sore having to wait so long? For a few lines, too would have to wait.

Aaron, I wish, ardently wish I could pack off all my blues in an impenetrable box and shelve it into the depths of an unknown ocean and come to you, wherever you be, to share with you and you ONLY, the happiness I dream off. But that again, my darling, my Aaron, is only wishful longing.

And reverting to the picture you sent me I did like it very much and now, dearest, I have the pleasure of both knowing and seeing you fully. Do you like a pipe, Aaron? Or do you prefer smoking it only in the wintry weather when it is supposed to help? Cigars and cigarettes, I am told, are more widely in the hot weather. You do seem typically taking in that snap and darling you I have not – but this I have with me.

Sweet Aaron, you are my true and only love. My heart knows no joy except in the music of your words – in the memory of your sweetness, and the wealth and sunshine of your penetrable love you have bestowed on me. Aaron my darling, your memory fills every deep recess of my inmost heart. Aaron, what could I – your names to me is so beautiful – darling the longing for you lingers on in every drop of my blood. O my darling: my Aaron, be good to me I love you so, utterly, desperately true. I love you not because of greatness that surrounds you. I love you so deeply not because of all you have achieved so far. I love and will love you forever, not because of all the wonderful things you must offer me as in your last beautiful volume. I love you so not because of all the promise you have set forth – O Aaron, my love darling, I love you because you are Aaron, kind, loving, gentle, so sweetly handsome and humanly attaching, do and more so because right from the start there has been an understanding that had made us know each other. Aaron my darling, I love you just for yourself and nothing else. And love brings sadness too, for once having tasted the sweetness of love it is very hard to unlearn the lesson, that darling, we would say, is the fate of human hearts.

Thank you for that unforgettable sentence Maria is ad dear to me today as on the day she crossed the barriers of Facebook-Friendship and gave me her love. Will it be so always? Darling, my sweet, you will ever be my love, there is no love I have to give another – it is all yours for now and always thought we are apart and may have the remain apart – no obstacle, however, surmountable it be, could steal that love from me. Wherever you are it is Aaron now, Aaron then, Aaron in the morning, at the close of the eve, in the dead of night or during work or rest – Aaron -my Aaron – thee – I love thee, my darling as I love no other. I love thee with my whole heart, soul, and strength, wherever I am and whatever I do.

I am always thinking of your darling and I hope it won’t be many days before I hear a lovely long tete-tete from you. Till then are all my prayers for you and your loved ones.

All the very best.

Yours every sincere,



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