36 Cover Letter Templates for All Kinds of Jobs and Industries

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Google search results, trying to find the perfect cover letter template for your job application? You have come to the right place! We’ve curated a collection of 36 professional and customizable resume cover letter templates, available for download in MS Word format. Our templates have been designed to make your job application stand out and showcase your skills and experience in the best possible light. So why wait? Scroll down and find the perfect template to help you land your dream job today!

Download 36 Cover Letters In MS Word Format

Make a great first impression with our collection of 36 professional and customizable cover letter templates, available for download in MS Word format. Scroll down and Land your dream job today!


#1: Assistant President Cover Letter

This Assistant President cover letter captures attention with persuasive details to showcase your skills, qualifications, and experience in a professional and organized manner and highlights your ability to provide valuable support to the President and contribute to your company’s success.


#2: Bank Employee

Get noticed and land your dream job as a Bank Employee with our attention-grabbing cover letter, emphasizing your skills in detail-orientedness, multitasking, and excellent communication skills. Let us help you showcase your qualifications and convince the hiring manager that you’re the best candidate for the role.


#3: For Functional Resume

Introduce yourself, highlight your skills and qualifications, and stand out from other candidates with our Cover Letter for Functional Resume template.


#4: With Salary Requirements

Confidently state your salary expectations and impress employers with our Salary Requirements Cover Letter template.


#5: Customer Service Rep

Pique employers’ interest and stand out from other candidates with our Customer Service Rep Cover Letter template that spotlights your skills and experience.


#6: Entry Level Cover Letter

Starting your career can be challenging, especially without much experience. Our Entry-Level Cover Letter template helps you highlight your skills and enthusiasm, and stand out to potential employers.


#7: Management Consultant

Take your management consultant job application to the next level with our professionally designed cover letter template. Highlight your qualifications, skills, and personality to impress potential employers.


#8: Manager Resume Cover Letter

Create an impactful Manager Resume Cover Letter and secure your dream job with our professional and persuasive template. Highlight your skills, experience, and achievements to demonstrate how you can contribute to the company’s success.


#9: MIS Manager Cover Letter

Take the first step toward your dream job as an MIS Manager with our professional and persuasive MIS Manager Cover Letter Template.


#10: General Cover Letter

Use our General Cover Letter Template for a flexible and customizable option that can be adapted to a variety of job applications. Download now and craft a standout cover letter.


#11: Network Administrator

Craft a strong cover letter for a Network Administrator position with our template. Impress hiring managers with your skills and experience showcased in a professional and customizable format. Download our template to create a winning cover letter and stand out from other candidates.


#12: Part-time Nursing

When applying for a part-time nursing job, a well-written cover letter can help you stand out. Our Part-Time Nursing Cover Letter template is designed to showcase your nursing skills, experience, and passion for patient care. Use it to create a professional and attention-grabbing cover letter that impresses your prospective employer. Download now and start crafting your perfect cover letter today!


#13: Resume Cover Letter with Reference

Boost your chances of landing the job you want with a strong cover letter that mentions your referral – our template can help!


#14: Sales Manager

Maximize your potential as a Sales Manager with our customizable cover letter template, highlighting your sales strategy, client relationship-building, and team leadership skills to help you stand out in the competitive market.


#15: For Technical Position

Looking for a technical role? Our cover letter template highlights your problem-solving skills and technical expertise, setting you apart from the competition.


#16: Secretary Resume

Looking for an experienced Secretary with exceptional administrative skills? Look no further! With [Number of years] years of experience and proficiency in administrative software, I am confident in my ability to make a positive contribution to your team at [Organization Name].


#17: Short Cover Letter In Response to Advertisement

Make a strong first impression with our short and impactful cover letter template. With a concise yet effective approach, showcase your qualifications and enthusiasm to increase your chances of getting hired.


#18: Travel Agent

Ready to turn your passion for travel into a career? Our Travel Agent Cover Letter template will help you showcase your skills and enthusiasm for the job, and land your dream role in the travel industry.


#19: Graphic Designer

Looking for a way to make your graphic design skills shine in your job application? Our tailored cover letter template can help you stand out from the competition.


#20: Human Resources Manager

Are you a human resources professional seeking a new opportunity? Our Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Template is designed to showcase your experience, skills, and accomplishments to help you stand out from other applicants and secure your dream job. Download now to make a great first impression!


#21: Executive Assistant

Are you a detail-oriented individual with a passion for supporting high-level executives? Our Executive Assistant Cover Letter Template is here to help you make a strong first impression and land your dream job in no time.


#22: Freelance Writer

If you have a talent for writing and a passion for crafting compelling content, our Freelance Writer Cover Letter template is perfect for you!


#23: Marketing Manager

Are you a marketing professional looking to land your dream job as a Marketing Manager? Stand out from the competition with our customizable cover letter template.


#24: Sales Representative

Looking for a sales job? Our Sales Representative Cover Letter template is here to help you create a professional and persuasive cover letter that showcases your skills and experience. With sample text and a customizable format, you can easily make a strong first impression and increase your chances of getting hired.


#25: Medical Assistant

Are you a medical assistant seeking a new job opportunity? Our MS Word cover letter template is tailored for the healthcare industry and will help you create a professional cover letter in minutes. Download now and impress potential employers!


#26: Teacher

Looking to impress potential employers and stand out from the competition as a teacher? Our teacher cover letter template can help you create a professional and compelling cover letter that highlights your experience and qualifications.


#27: Web Developer

Experienced web developer with a passion for creating engaging user experiences.


#28: Customer Service Manager

Deliver exceptional customer service with my expertise as your Customer Service Manager.


#29: Event Coordinator

Looking to land your dream job as an Event Coordinator? Look no further! Our customizable Event Coordinator Cover Letter template is the perfect way to showcase your skills and experience in planning and executing successful events.


#30: Financial Analyst

Get the attention of hiring managers with this Financial Analyst Cover Letter template. Highlight your financial analysis skills and experience to stand out in a competitive job market.


#31: IT Support Specialist

Maximize your chances of landing your dream IT support job with our professionally crafted cover letter template.


#32: Legal Assistant

Get noticed with our Legal Assistant Cover Letter Template!


#33: Project Manager

Ready to lead your team to project success? Let this Project Manager Cover Letter Template help you get there.


#34: Public Relations Specialist

Want to craft the perfect PR message? This cover letter template can help you showcase your skills and experience in a professional way.


#35: Social Media Manager

Get noticed on social media with our Social Media Manager Cover Letter template – impress your potential employer with your exceptional marketing skills.


#36: Software Engineer

Unlock the doors to your dream software engineering career with our expertly crafted cover letter template.


A cover letter is a letter that is sent along with the resume being sent to a company or organization to get a job. It should be written very professionally, thoughtfully, and to the point, because this could be the decider for the employer to ignore your resume or to offer you the job. The format of a cover letter is just like the typical business letter divided into 4 basic parts.

The top part, just like other business letters, is the sender’s information. Then comes the introduction section which is an important part of the cover letter to write about the job position. This should be written very professionally to catch the interest of the Employer or Manager. Remember that perfection matters here!  Then comes the body part to write and explain the reason why you are interested in this job. And at the end, there is closing text. This is where you can show your interest to hear back from the employer.

The wording of a cover letter is mostly different for a different types of jobs. So this is an important thing to keep in mind while writing your resume. This is the reason we have gathered here different Resume Cover Letters for you that are suitable for different job types. Find the details download links for each of them below

Writing a Cover Letter: Tips for Communicating Effectively with Employers

Want to ace the job hunt? Don’t forget about your cover letter. Here’s why it matters:

  • It introduces you: A cover letter shows off your personality and explains why you’re the best fit for the job.
  • It showcases your writing skills: A well-written cover letter proves that you’re a clear communicator.
  • It explains why you’re a good fit: Use your cover letter to explain why you’re interested in the job and how your skills make you a good match for the position.
  • It sets you apart: Stand out from the pack by tailoring your application to the job and company.

Some examples of how a strong cover letter can help:

Highlight your relevant skills and experience to get a call for an interview. Show enthusiasm for the job to fit into the company culture. Impress the employer by researching the company and including specific details.

In short, a strong cover letter can be the difference between landing an interview or getting passed over. Take the time to create a standout cover letter that showcases your skills and experience.

Writing a Cover Letter that Gets Results: Tips and Strategies from the Pros

Writing a cover letter that stands out from the crowd can be the key to landing your dream job. Follow these 15 tips to craft an effective cover letter that showcases your skills and experience, tailored to the job you’re applying for.

  1. Customize for the job: Tailor your cover letter to match the specific job requirements mentioned in the job posting.
  2. Research the company: Gather information about the company culture, values, and mission to align your cover letter with the company’s goals.
  3. Address the hiring manager: Address your cover letter to the specific person responsible for hiring, if possible.
  4. Be concise: Keep your cover letter short and to the point, ideally one page or less.
  5. Use a professional tone: Write in a professional and formal tone, but avoid using jargon or overly complex language.
  6. Showcase your skills: Highlight the skills and experiences that make you the ideal candidate for the job.
  7. Use keywords: Use relevant keywords and phrases from the job posting in your cover letter.
  8. Avoid repeating your resume: Use your cover letter to elaborate on your resume and provide additional information.
  9. Explain any gaps: If you have gaps in your employment history, explain them in your cover letter.
  10. Follow a clear structure: Use a clear and organized structure for your cover letter, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  11. Show enthusiasm: Express your enthusiasm and excitement for the job and the company.
  12. Proofread: Check for spelling and grammar errors and have someone else review your cover letter before submitting it.
  13. Avoid clichés: Avoid using overused phrases and clichés in your cover letter.
  14. Don’t mention salary: Avoid discussing salary requirements in your cover letter.
  15. Thank the employer: Thank the employer for considering your application and express your interest in the position.

Customizing Your Cover Letter for Different Industries

Choosing the right type of cover letter can make a big difference in your job search. In this section, we’ll explore the different types of cover letters and offer guidance on when to use each one.

Common Types of Cover LettersDescription
Application letterThis is the most common type of cover letter, used to apply for a specific job opening. It should be tailored to the job description and showcase relevant skills and experience.
Referral letterThis type of letter is written when a current employee of the company recommends you for a job opening. It should mention the referral source and highlight your qualifications for the job.
Prospecting letterAlso known as a networking letter, this type of letter is sent to companies where you are interested in working, even if they don’t have any current job openings. It should explain why you’re interested in the company and what skills you can offer.
Cold-contact letterSimilar to a prospecting letter, this type of letter is sent to companies where you have no prior connection or relationship. It should introduce yourself, explain why you’re interested in the company, and highlight your skills and experience.
Value proposition letterThis type of letter emphasizes your unique value proposition and how you can help the company achieve its goals. It should include specific examples of your achievements and how they can benefit the company.
Thank-you letterThis type of letter is sent after an interview or networking event and should thank the interviewer or contact for their time and reiterate your interest in the job or company. It’s an opportunity to show your professionalism and gratitude.


Job seeker! Congratulations on making it to the end of this page. I hope you’re feeling as pumped as I am about cover letters now.

But in all seriousness, crafting a killer cover letter can really set you apart from the competition. It’s your chance to shine and show off your skills, so take advantage of it! And don’t worry, we’ve got your back with those 36 templates. We’ve covered everything from the traditional to the trendy, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in, explore, and download to your heart’s content. And when you land that dream job, be sure to drop us a line and let us know! We love hearing success stories from our users. Best of luck in your job search!