Letter to Parents about Student’s Behaviour in Classroom

This Letter is specially created to help teachers who want to contact with parents to tell them about the behavioral problem of a student in the classroom. To send such letters to parents is a great way to keep them informed about the activities of their children so that they can keep an open eye on them.  This Letter to Parents about student’s behavior in the classroom is developed using Microsoft Word 2003 and thus it is very easy to alter each and every part of this letter template.  A very professional wording is already a part of this letter template. You can use your own words or the existing copy as it is.

Below is the list of behavioral problems that a student may have in the classroom. You can mark them in the letter while sending it to parents. You can also alter them by adding or removing new points there

  • Excessive talking
  • Excessive detentions
  • Lack of attention
  • Poor test scores
  • Disrespectfulness to others
  • Missing assignments
  • Incomplete or late assignments
  • Lack of effort

You can find a screenshot of this Letter To Parents Template as below along with the Download link to download this Letter Template

Download Letter To Parents About Student’s Behaviour